Talks & Interviews

These are talks and podcasts that I've done in the past.


  • CALICO Immersive Realities SIG: A colleauge and I gave a presentation and answered extensive Q+A on designing proficiency-oriented virtual reality scenarios for foreign language training.



  • Virtual Worlds Forum: I gave a presentation on using WebXR to create environments for foreign language students to meet with their instructors and practice conversation skills in culturally appropriate settings.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep8): Developing VR for Language Learning : In this episode of Vernacular Reality, we talk with DLS Project Manager, Katia, about her role in developing virtual reality scenarios for language learning. Katia shares insights on the ability to customize VR scenarios for different levels, plus the continuity of pre- and post-work.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep7): Chinese Language Immersions at DLS : In this episode of Vernacular Reality, we talk with DLS Language Training team member, Lia, about language immersions in virtual reality. As a Chinese instructor herself, Lia shares insights from the development of DLS Chinese immersions to the student trials.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep6): Designing Experiences with Doug North Cook : In this episode of Vernacular Reality, listen in on our conversation with Doug North Cook, immersive media program coordinator and professor, and lead instructor at Falling Water's Immersive Design Residency. We discuss all aspects of designing immersive software, including the inspiration for it, the execution of it, and how to optimize user experiences - especially for learning.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep5): Weird Interfaces with Jim Toepel : In this episode of Vernacular Reality, Blythe and Sean talk with Jim Toepel, design/product manager working with "weird interfaces" (from VR to Rock Band). They discuss the formative experience where they met, how one's relationship to software changes when moving our bodies in new and different ways, and all the benefits of engaging with immersive software.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep4): VR for Training with Jordan Higgins : In this episode, Blythe and Sean sit down with Jordan Higgins, XR Designer and adjunct faculty at the George Mason University School of Art! The two VR experts discuss their experiences working with AR/VR in general and for training, plus exciting innovations in the industry.


  • Project Genesiz: Virtual Reality Implications & Insights with Sean McBeth: I chatted with a Zoomcast on VR, Internet privacy, and learning.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep3): Inspiration for DLS VR Program : In this episode of Vernacular Reality, Blythe and Sean discuss a variety of virtual reality apps that Sean has used in the past, the features he likes about each, and how each program has influenced his VR work at Diplomatic Language Services. From exercise to meditation, you might be surprised at just how much inspiration our language learning program took from other apps.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep2): Different Perspectives on Language Learning with VR : 'What if VR makes me feel sick?' 'Will my instructor be with me in this virtual environment?' 'What makes your application so special?' These are all potential perspectives from students that we address in episode two of Vernacular Reality. Listen in as Blythe, Chris, and Sean tackle perspectives that students may have regarding adding a virtual reality component into their language training, discuss why implementing VR makes sense for the individualized language training that is at the core of our business, and why this makes sense for the language learning industry in general.
  • Vernacular Reality (Ep1): Intro to Language Learning with VR : Welcome to Vernacular Reality, the VR-focused extension of our podcast Language Matters! In this episode, our host, Blythe, sits down with DLS staff Sean McBeth (Immersive Software Developer) and Chris Bellas (President) to discuss what they are doing to bring virtual reality into language learning at Diplomatic Language Services, why they decided to do so, and what we can expect.